Running a business involves a lot more than providing the services and products your customers want.  It also requires maintaining a good relationship with them. Unfortunately all the background details of your business can detract from these more important activities...
                                                                                            but that doesn't have to be.

I can provide the full-charge bookkeeping services, including general ledger, receivables, payables and bank statement reconciliation so you don't have to spend the countless hours doing them. I will prepare custom financial reports for your internal management use, so you stay on top of how your business is growing, and professional, financial analyses that can help you eliminate inefficiencies and realize a better profit potential.

I can also prepare and file your sales and meal tax reports, payroll tax returns and even electronically file W-2's and 1099's giving you more time to attend to running your business.

Running a business can be an exciting and rewarding challenge -
                                                                                let me handle the drudgery for you